Upflow Ramps | Assisstant for the design of uphill flow rock ramps

  • Version: 1.2 (Nov. 12, 2021)
  • Authors:
    • Carolina Martínez Santa-María
    • José Anastasio Fernández Yuste
  • Contact: <upflowramp@gmail.com>
  • Intro
Preliminary considerations
  • This assistant is offered as an aid for the dimensioning of upflow ramps. Before using it, it is imperative to read in detail the Uphill Flow Rock Ramp Design.
  • The calculation sequence is analogous to that described in the Manual: Flowchart
  • The results obtained with the assistant cannot be considered as definitive in any case. They are a support for the final decision making, which will always be determined by the peculiarities of each project and the knowledge and experience of the designer.
  • A is offered that shows in a very synthetic way the actions to be developed in each phase, as well as the data to be entered and the results obtained.